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Creative Playground for Coaches

Monthly event with SolutionsAcademy
2 CCEU for your ICF credential renewal

What happens in the playground? We play!
This monthly event is a safe space to experiment, exchange ideas, practice and refine your coaching skills. We invite you to explore how to make connections, look for ways to find and create visuals, images, notice metaphors and play with possibilities.
Creativity can unlock and deepen connection with your clients.
So will you come and play with us?

15 € + VAT

Creative note taking for Coaches

This free meet-up is an invitation to start or deepen your journey of bringing creativity and imagery into your coaching. This is a little slice of a bigger cake.

It is a practical session, where you will get to test some creative ideas for yourself. There will be individual, pair and group work and plenty of time for reflection.
This is not an art class, or a competition to see who is the most creative. This is simply a time to play together without judgement.

Key takeaways include:
– fresh tools for your coaching toolbox
- greater awareness of how you model information
– detailed insights into your unique coaching process
– techniques for making connections visible

We offered this already with SolutionsAcademy and ICF Germany chapter and ICF Holland chapter is offering a new opportunity in January 2024.

Stay tuned!

Bringing creativity and visuals into your coaching

4 weeks course to explore and experiment with:

Sessions 1: papers, tools, and layout
Session 2: icons, connectors, graphic & visual note taking
Session 3: phisical objects & space
Session 4: Finding & exploring metaphors

We are adding this to the new year calendar.

Stay tuned!

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